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Crates are boxes that appear all the time on maps and can be purchased with Robux. A user gets a crate and opens it in the crates menu for a wide variety of item blueprints. Unlike other games, Crates don't require any keys to open but doesn't give items but blueprints that allow you buy the items from the shop. There are currently seven crates:

Crates Rarity
Weapon Crate Common
Armor Crate Common
Equipment Crate Uncommon
Epic Crate Rare
Legendary Crate Legendary
XP Crate Common
Credit Crate Common
Opening Crate Polyguns

Opening Crate Polyguns

DamienVG99 opening an armor crate in Polyguns, and the sound which is going with it

This page is still under construction and is subject to change. More crates might be revealed as the wiki contributors play the game.