Fan SuggestionsEdit

Do you have an idea for Polyguns that has been sitting in the back of your mind? Why not write it out as it may be added in future updates! On this page, fans or users may give their suggestions and feedback on what they believe should be added. Please do not suggest what should be removed.


Any form of violation of these rules will result in a ban and possibly a perm. ban. If you have any questions please contact an admin or mod. 

  • Do not remove content
  • Disagree with an idea RESPECTFULLY
  • Idea must be relevant to Polyguns
  • Idea must be Categorize under the appropriate category (Place in other if you there's no category
  • A description is appropriate 

Otherwise, have fun!


Goat Gun: Basically the Maverick-SH but stronger 1.5


Goat Armor: Basically the Hyper Assassin but faster by 3


Goat Crate: Gives you the Goat Gun (50%) and the Goat Armor (50%).


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