Overview Edit

The shop has 6 main categories: Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Skins, Crates and Credits.

More explaining about it below

Weapons Edit

Once you gained a blueprint for a weapon, you can buy it in the shop with credits. You can gain credits through Credit Boxes, by killing people and having double blueprints. I mean that if you already got a blueprint and gain that same one again, you will get credits, instead of getting nothing.

Armor Edit

Also armor has to be unlocked by blueprints, and then credits. Armor grants you mostly big advantages like extra health, or walk/jump boosts.

Equipment Edit

Equipment has currently a low variety of stuff, but it is giving you advantages on the field like Cloak, or higher jumping with a Light Dash.

Skins Edit

Skins are only available for purchase with ROBUX, and give you only cosmetic advantages to the others.

Crates Edit

Here you can buy crates with ROBUX.

Credits Edit

You can also buy credits using ROBUX.

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